Difficulty Level: 1

A loose wall tile can be an indication that there are other issues that need addressing such as grout failure or even dry rot / water damage. Let us assume that will diagnose and treat what is causing a wall tile to become loose in the first place at a later date, but sooner than later. Better yet, have a licensed contractor check it out.

  1. Clean and dry the wall area where it belongs.Clean the back of tile by scraping gently with a putty knife, be careful not to break it chances are it will be difficult to find a replacement.
  2. Apply 100% silicone sealant to the back of tile around the perimeter about a half inch in from edge and a large x in the middle.
  3. Place tile back where it belongs and using the the same GE 2 100% silicone white squeeze into the grout joint, smooth bead with finger and allow to fully cure before exposing to water. Always read the product manufacturer’s instructions completely before beginning.