Difficulty Level: 2

  1. Scrape clean and smooth the wall area, apply a thin skim coat of drywall compound over rough or torn dry wall. Let dry thoroughly.
  2. Plan your layout by outlining the perimeter on the wall with a pencil where the tile will start and stop.
  3. Mask off or protect the counter top and faucet with plastic and masking tape, leave approx. a 1/2″ margin on the counter top exposed to be caulked or grouted later.
  4. Apply white tile adhesive (specific for glass tile) to the wall with a 3/16″ v notched trowel, staying within your pencil border.
  5. Gently press tiles in place, maintain consistent spacing. Spacers can be used here or eyeball it and use several Popsicle sticks between the counter and the first row.
  6. Firmly press all tiles in place when you are happy with the spacing. Gently remove any adhesive from the tiles.
  7. Wait at least 24hrs. for adhesive to set. Mix the tile grout, or use a premixed grout and work into the joints between the tiles using a 3″-4″ plastic putty knife.
  8. Remove excess grout from tiles with a clean damp sponge, repeat this process 2-3 times waiting for a haze to develop between cleaning about 20-30 minutes.
  9. For extended life allow to cure 72 hrs. then apply a grout sealer. Always read the product manufacturer’s instructions completely before beginning.